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Marina Raič-Bobić, owner of 360°incentives & MoRe

marina raič-bobić

The founder and CEO of 360° incentives & MoRe, Marina brings an unmistakable international background to the team.

A real people person, Marina believes in the power of personal communication, being one of those people who would always rather pick up a phone than write an email. While not denying she adores the challenges and adrenaline that come as a part of the MICE package, the thing she holds most dear is the opportunity to develop and nurture long-standing, great relationships with partners, clients, and suppliers.

She typically balances the work stress by exercising and spending quality time with her family, enjoying a good glass of red wine, or a refreshing spritz with her friends. A tennis player for most of her life, over time she developed a genuine passion for skiing, something that – along with her love for travels and books – she can enjoy only in winter when the working schedule eases up a bit.

Petra Krečak - 360° Incentives & MoRe

petra krečak

Petra joined 360° Incentives & MoRe in early 2015 and never regretted it. Aside from the unique dynamics of the MICE industry, Petra loves working with people and is still excited about every new event hosted by 360° Incentives & MoRe. Committed to working behind the scenes on operational challenges, Petra finds that building an impeccable event from scratch never fails to make her happy.

When she’s not working, Petra devotes her time to family and friends. And music. Tunes keep her rolling and she loves them in every form and format, including nights out at concerts. She readily professes not doing sports as she used to, as shopping became her cardio since – forever.

Lea Horvat 360° Incentives & MoRe

lea horvat

Lea feels a deep connection with Dubrovnik, a city she was born and raised in. Growing up in Dubrovnik means being surrounded by tourism and visitors, hence it is no wonder that one of Lea’s first games was – impersonating a travel agent. Her childhood play eventually transformed into a life vocation that offers inexhaustible opportunities for growth. Following the graduation from tourism management, Lea joined the ranks of the hospitality industry and soon felt the pull of a MICE career. Today, after some 15 years in the industry, Lea claims the key lesson she learned is that there is no problem, only a challenge. This is also what she loves most about the work. The client’s satisfied smile motivates her, as does the warm and supportive working atmosphere at 360° Incentives & MoRe.


Aside from the rush of MICE challenges, Lea enjoys hiking, skiing, theater, and good documentaries. She tries to spend every free moment with her loved ones, never giving up her life mission of finding a perfect balance between work and family.

Lejla Samardžić 360° Incentives & MoRe

lejla samardžić

Lejla has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. Thrilled to be part of the resourceful team at 360 ° incentives and MoRe, Lejla is passionate about many creative challenges that MICE presents. Her favorite part of shaping the event is when diverse suppliers come together to craft unforgettable events that surpass the client’s expectations. Appreciating the ever-evolving and dynamic character of MICE, Lejla draws her inspiration from the opportunity for constant learning and collaboration with the best people in the industry. Last but not least, Lejla is eager and excited about all the future projects that will demand creativity while considering sustainability and benefiting the local community.

When it’s time to unwind, Lejla claims nothing beats losing herself in a captivating book. And during vacations, you won’t find her around because she’ll be busy crossing off destinations from her bucket list.

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