As your MICE specialist based in Dubrovnik, we will unlock the true potential of the very best Croatian destinations and venues.

Where to find us

Phone: +385 20 641 100


Turn your next business meeting into an outright success with 360⁰ incentives & MoRe. We will provide you with seamless logistics, engaging activities, and stunning venues that will help transform your meeting from a gathering to a meeting of minds.

Strategy of purpose for maximum impact

Your meeting is a perfect platform for great experiential outcomes. Bring on the deeper meaning, accelerate innovation, foster connections, and come back with new ideas. And have a great time doing it!

Make the most of your time with your attendees by hosting a meeting that resonates with them in the best possible way. Engage everyone with fluid agendas that appeal to different interests. Stimulating experiences in a novel environment incites curiosity and emotions, fueling long-lasting connections, and thinking outside of the box.

Whatever your framework, format, or participation profile, we will help you create and execute a purposeful meeting that drives positive change, innovation, and fresh insight.


In tune with your overall goal

Whether your event is about decision-making, problem-solving, sharing knowledge, strategy, training, or anything else, we will make sure all the elements of your meeting are on the same page.


360⁰ incentives & MoRe plans and executes every single detail of your meeting event with your core intention at the forefront, blending formal and informal elements into a dynamic and harmonious whole that serves your overall goal.