As your MICE specialist based in Dubrovnik, we will unlock the true potential of the very best Croatian destinations and venues.

Where to find us

Phone: +385 20 641 100


Discover a new dimension of incentives with 360⁰ incentives & MoRe! Reward, motivate, and inspire your best performers, valued business partners, or clients with experiences like no other.

Great synergy for extraordinary incentives

Croatia is a treasure trove for incentives. More than an amazing backdrop for your next incentive, Croatia offers a synergy of dazzling and exciting regional diversity that is reflected in nature, culture, history, and cuisine.

We will secure the very best and most exclusive venues. We will plan and execute activities and itineraries that highlight regional specifics to ensure authentic experiences.

As your local MICE specialist in Croatia, we unlock the all-around potential of Croatian destinations and venues and elevate your incentive to another level.

Amazing experiences for your best people

From the fresh, first-time concept to seamless execution, 360⁰ incentives & MoRe delivers incentives that activate the core of your team’s potential.


We believe a successful incentive is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you aim for a blend of sumptuous, high-end leisure, or exhilarating outdoor and adrenaline fun that ignites creativity and strong bonds, our incentives will bring your team out of the office routine and into the world of exhilarating experiences created just for them.


Supercharge your team development and cohesion and boost brand loyalty by giving your best people shared experiences, immersive activities, and unforgettable moments.