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The epitome of Mediterranean luxury, Hvar is the jet-setting hub of Croatia

The unfading fame of Hvar as one of the most attractive islands in the world is well deserved. With 2724 sunny hours each year, astounding cultural heritage, five-star luxury, and unique MICE venues, Hvar keeps ranking as one of the best MICE destinations in the whole of Europe.

The epitome of Mediterranean luxury, Hvar is the jet-setting hub of Croatia. However, its charms are not newly invented. Sitting at the center of Adriatic sailing routes, Hvar has been attracting settlers, conquerors, and travelers for millennia. All of them, from Greeks, Venetians, and Napoleon, to the Austrian Empire, have left their traces in the island’s recognizable architectural blend and rich culture.


The only island in the world with 6 UNESCO Heritage listings, Hvar has a sincere claim on authenticity. Just like its symbol, the lace made by local Benedictine nuns from precious aloe leaves, every feature of this spectacular island weaves an elegant and unforgettable island experience. With its crystal clear sea, cobbled plazas, renaissance palaces, fortresses, and 2400-year-old vineyards, the enchanting Hvar is like no other island.

The town of Hvar boasts some of the most unconventional meeting venues on the Croatian coast. City Loggia, St. Veneranda Church, City Loggia, Spanish Fortress, and Arsenal, the first public theater in Europe, offer a sumptuous and unforgettable setting for all types of MICE events.

For an all-around experience, Hvar-based incentives draw on both sea and land.
Catch the wind and sail out to explore and kayak around the beautiful coves and beaches of the nearby Paklinski Archipelago. 

Discover the rural inland paradise, wine, and food, while driving old-timers through pristine landscapes covered in lavender. Steeped in beauty and history, Hvar is a treat for all the senses.

A birth town to one of the first European tourist associations launched in 1868, Hvar has a long tradition of hospitality.

This eternally sunny island easily provides everything an unforgettable and impeccable event might need. Chic, yet democratic, ancient yet modern, with natural beauty around every corner, Hvar has something for everyone.